Friday, January 31, 2014




Halfski (formerly known as "Mia") is a very well-behaved 7 month-old mini dachshund!

We caught a glimpse of her Tuesday at the Humane Society on Tuesday, but couldn't play with her because she'd only been there a few hours. We officially met on Wednesday, and surprise of all surprises, she melted my heart. :) Those of you who know me know that I don't dog. I just don't. But I guess I Halfski, because I adopted her immediately! 

We had to leave her overnight to be spade and then picked her up on Thursday. She was dopey all Thursday evening.


Today she is much more awake, and won't let me out of her sight. I only wish there wasn't 8 inches of snow in my backyard just in time to house train the little bugger!



  1. Great Name! Cute Dog - but gotta admit, I am a bit surprised by it all!!!

  2. cute dog Twila, great decision.

  3. Wow, Twila! Halfski is so cute! I'm happy for you. And this post was very surprising. When I saw a pucture of a dog I was like "No way...". Ryan's dream came true, didn't it?

  4. Thanks, Tim & Rini! Yes, Ryan is very happy. But I think he would be happier if Halfski liked him more! She'll come around, though, when she's more comfortable here.
    Fish, on the other hand, is not happy at all! She sniffed at Halfski when she was all doped up, but hasn't come near her since. She is spending a lot of time down in the basement where Halfski doesn't go.

  5. Halfski is such a little sweetheart. I know that she'll be loved and spoiled. Probably spoiled like we've never seen before. I'm glad that this fun and loving dog was adopted into such a wonderful home. :)