Thursday, January 17, 2008

Simplicity 3958 - done

Well, I knew that if I sat on that fleece and didn't make Hannah's much-desired cape right away, two things would happen: 1) She would "casually menti
on" it at least twice daily and annoy/guiltify me to no end. 2) I would have the knowledge that there was fleece in my fabric collection and that would drive me even further around the bend than Hannah's nagging. And so, last night I cut out the pieces and this afternoon after work I sewed it up. Et voila:
I love Hannah - she's so campy sometimes! And here's another view:

It's nothing too exciting, but Hannah loves it. That makes it pretty much worthwhile.


  1. Guiltify is a GREAT word, may I use it also? Campy = Cute in this case. Now what are you going to start sewing?

  2. are sooooooo cute and the cape is cute too.
    Good job Twila !!

  3. Very cute!!! I can't believe how much Hannah is looking like you. I love seeing all the thing you sew. hugs